Green Stone Wellness always have you in mind because you only have one body.

It is important to be conscientious, honest, and reliable in being consistently helpful to other people.
Greenstone Wellness

Green Stone Wellness Clinic was established by Midori Ishimaru in 2019.

The aim of the clinic is to have more flexible hours to treat patients. Aside from being flexible, Midori wanted the patients to use their extended health care from their insurance.

The very long and tedious ways of using their insurance have made patients loose interest in taking care of themselves all together. This is why the clinic has equipped and applied for direct billing to most major insurance companies. Having the 3rd party (the clinic) submit claims in behalf of the patients, the patients do not have to submit insurance claims and wait for reimbursements for a long time.

What I love most about my work as a registered massage therapist are the people's smile after their treatments.

Midori Ishimaru

2017 graduate of Vancouver Career College, she is also a licensed massage therapist with the College of Massage Therapists of BC (CMTBC) and Registered Massage Therapists Association of BC (RMTBC). She also graduated Business Admin in Japan (1991).


When Midori was young, she provided head and neck massage her older sister to get rid of her headache. Her sister appreciated it so much. Later on in life, Midori realized that so many people were suffering from chronic pain and they usually ignore those discomfort.

Midori’s friends say that she has a knack for making people feel relaxed and welcome. She wants people to experience the life without pain or even discomfort, and if possible less than what their current situation is.


Midori wants to be conscientious, wishing to do what is right. She wants to be honest, not only telling the truth but also living it. Also she wants to always be reliable, to be consistently good in her quality service.

She wants her actions to follow what she says so people can trust her and be comfortable around her. Midori believes that we never feel other people's pain that is why she wants to be compassionate to others and understand their situations. Ultimately, Midori believes that everybody just wants to be understood by someone.

On Her Free Time

Midori likes cooking, entertaining her friends and family, hiking to see canada's lakes and mountains, having wine and snacks on the beach, reading novels, learning pottery, and gardening in summer.

She would love to visit in Okinawa, Japan because it’s warm, it has some laid back characters, and has lovely scenery.

Do You Have Any Specific Questions

Let me know if you have questions that is not stated in the ABOUT page. It will take a few days but I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest and have a good day!