Midori Ishimaru can do both relaxing massage and massages that can help with injuries. Please contact us to ensure we are on the same page.

When I was small, I use to give my older sister head and neck massage to ease her headaches.


You can book 45 minute appointments or 60 minutes (1 hr) appointments. Green Stone Wellness Clinic uses JaneApp so client’s can book massages online and in advance. Make sure you arrive before your appointment starts.

Medical Intake Form

The Medical Intake Form is for first time patients who just booked an appointment with Midori at Green Stone Wellness Clinic. Please fill this form through your JaneApp account before your appointments. This will ensure that Midori will know what treatment plan she will do on your treatment day. If you wish to discuss more please use our CONTACT FORM.

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Aside from doing a relaxing full body massage, Midori’s specialties are checking all the joints, the body alignment, and releasing of body tension. She can also do pre-natal massage, post-natal massage, chronic pains, circulatory conditions, stress, anxiety, depression, headaches, whiplash, hemiplegia, thoracic outlet syndrome, injuries caused by sports or accident related injuries (depending on the severity). Please contact us to make sure what you need, you can use our CONTACT FORM.

Cancellation Policy

We understand that it’s unavoidable when there are emergencies on the day. It is also hard to call someone last minute to fill in an appointment spot when a patient cancels on the day.

Please give Midori exactly 1 day (24 hrs) before your appointment to cancel, so she call someone to fill in your spot. Patients can also help by asking someone ahead of time to take on your behalf and letting us know. You can also see the ONLINE BOOKING for spots that might have opened up too!

Direct Billing

Our clinic does online direct billing to most major insurance companies. Please contact us to let us know which insurance company you are with. Also, please be advised that all policies are different for each individual. Patients will have to contact their insurance to know if they cover massage and how much each individual is covered per visit.

For ICBC and WorkSafe (WCB) claims, our clinic unfortunately does not offer any direct billing with these establishments. However, a patient with an ICBC or WCB claim can still be treated. In order for this to happen patients must pay upfront for the treatments given on the day and the clinic will provide the official receipts needed for proof of treatment for their ICBC or WCB claim. These official receipts can be reprinted, emailed, or made into a statement of account for whenever patients need them.

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Do You Have Any Specific Questions

Let me know if you have questions that is not stated in the ABOUT page. It will take a few days but I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest and have a good day!

Clinic Address

4300 North Fraser Way, Burnaby, BC

Next Gen Offices, Glenlyon Corporate Centre


Parking and Entrance

Park in the #100's stalls
DO NOT PARK in any other # stalls

Please make sure you have ample time to travel so your treatment time will not be taken up by your travel time. To know where to enter please see diagram below.

Overhead map of Green Stone Wellness